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Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consulting services aim to make your website highly visible in the natural listings on search engine results pages. By thoroughly understanding search engine optimisation techniques our SEO experts analyse and optimise various factors such as, the user interface, site structure and navigation, content, relevancy, link structure and overall look and feel of your website. This ensures that your website is highly visible and well ranked. The primary objective of our SEO consulting is directed towards improving your sites natural ranking on Google to increase brand awareness and ultimately boost the amount of relevant free traffic visiting your site.

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) consulting services starts with a comprehensive initial set up of your online advertising campaigns which establish a solid base to your internet marketing initiative and its effective management. Broadplace Advertising will ensure your PPC campaign enjoys an increase in ROI by delivering an improvement in relevant visitors to your site whilst effectively managing the Click Through Rate, Cost Per Click and Cost Per Sale aspects of your marketing campaign. Broadplace Advertising utilises its own proprietary technology and industry tools to fully optimise your campaign driving optimum results and ROI.

Social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc) opens plenty of opportunities to create additional content to influence the Universal Search results and on top of that, indulce brand awareness and engagement of your customers.

In Google, one domain can only generate a maximum of 2 listings per search, but social media gives you a chance to compete for the remaining 8 results: Generate a footprint on a variety of popular and relevant social media sites to get content in through Universal Search.


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Website Promotion is one of the main and necessary stages of project development. It takes the crucial part in reaching success, as it is obvious: the more popular your website is, the more benefits you get. Promoting your web site is a rather complicated process that requires much efforts and special knowledge. But if you want to get an immediate result then our website promotion services are just right for you! You dont need to learn all the nuances and secrets of search engine algorithms (ranking systems) and adjust your pages to meet their criteria because all work concerning your website promotion will be carried out by our qualified SEO professionals and marketing specialists. 

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